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Written by: Jose Bouquett

Hello all, my name is Jose Bouquett and I am a certified G and a bona fide stud and you can’t teach that. And the NBA finals are all well and good but we all aren’t Warriors and Cavs fans. There is a fairly significant gap between those two teams and the rest of the NBA and my job is to close that gap or put every team in a position to succeed. I am going to breakdown the top three things each team should do this offseason to put their team in the best position for the future.

We will start with the teams that didn’t make the playoffs this year and progress up to the Warriors and Cavs themselves. So, first team to go under the microscope, the Brooklyn Nets.

Step 1.  Hit at least one of their draft picks.

The Celtics took their first overall pick this year; the Celtics will swap picks with them next year. They don’t have a star and they are in Brooklyn with a crowd that checks out quick. They have three picks in this year’s draft (22, 27, 57). They HAVE TO hit at least one of these picks and the likelihood of getting a star this late in the draft is slim, not impossible but slim. Harry Giles is an interesting name for the Nets and could be a high upside pick that will get a lot of playing time to develop while they continue to rebuild. 27 would be a good place to pick a young point guard to develop behind Linsanity. I would love to see the Nets select Jawun Evans from my Oklahoma State Cowboys. I watched Evans drop a 40 spot on Buddy Hield and almost beat the Sooners by himself. He’s electric, he can pass, his finishing ability is top notch and an improving jump shot. Lin can help him develop and maybe he can develop into Chris Paul lite.


Step 2. Overpay for some free agents.

This is a daily reminder; the Nets don’t have their first round pick this year, or next year thanks to Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. There is no reason for the Nets to tank and with 22 million dollars in cap space its time to spend that money. Not many good players will want to spend their prime years with the Nets so the Benjamin’s need to talk for Brooklyn. Their top three free agents targets should be Jonathon Simmons, Tim Hardaway Jr. and Derrick Rose (at the right price). Simmons and Hardaway both are restricted free agents so the Nets will have to overpay to get them away from the Spurs and Hawks but both are young players that can score and maybe develop into a good player. And then there’s Derrick Rose. I know, I know, his knees are made of plastic but at the right price why not take a wavier on him? He could be a great leader and if he can give you flashes of the old Rose then why not take a one-year flyer deal on him.


Step 3.  Trade for Jordan Clarkson or D’Angelo Russell

The Lakers are most likely drafting Lonzo Ball. That will create a stockpile of point guards for the Lakers and the Nets will gladly accept one of their two point guards. Both Clarkson and Russell are solid role players and can develop into NBA starters. What they would have to give up to obtain one of these two players but they’ll probably have to give up the 27th pick and most likely something else. There is one thing I cannot underscore more, do not trade Brook Lopez unless you are getting a top 15 pick. Lopez is a solid center and as I said before, the Nets cannot tank so keep your good players unless you can get a high pick for him. The name of the game for the Nets should be young players and if one of them can develop then the Nets will finally be trending in the right direction.