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Anthony Davis Needs Legitimate Help Now

How many times have we talked about the brilliance that Anthony Davis has displayed since he has entered the league in 2012 as the top pick? Too many to count would be the correct answer. This year, Davis is averaging 31 points and 11 rebounds on his lackluster team in the ever-so-difficult Western Conference. After the first two games which he scored 95 points between them, many people were picking Davis to go on and win the MVP this year. He can do it all: rebound on both ends, bring the ball up on a break, block shots, oh yeah, and score from anywhere on the court. But in the era of the “super team”, it doesn’t seem like Davis will be able to win that award after all. In all honesty, are the Pelicans even going to win a game? 0-8 so far this season despite AD’s brilliance, and year after year of subpar play from the team in New Orleans has to start to bug him. No offense to those surrounding him, (Tim Frazier, Dante Cunningham, E’Twuan Moore to name 60% of the starting five around Davis) but I’m sorry, that roster will not be beating the big three in the Western Conference; Golden State, LAC, and San Antonio.

Look, Anthony Davis has clearly shown since he has been a pro, that he likes to stay out of the media other than his play. However, father time never loses and I think AD is starting to realize that. We are seeing the rise of the league’s superstar in the past couple seasons, and if he stays in New Orleans it will go to waste. Davis is championship MVP caliber talent that is on a team that if they win 35 games this season will be exceeding expectations. There are some teams across the league that are a superstar away from being a true title contender, and Davis will be wise to take a long look at the other options after this season. I know, he has just signed his 5yr/145 million dollar deal, and if it is too early into the contract to make moves elsewhere, then it is time to start demanding change and being the superstar that you are Anthony Davis. There is no longer time to struggle with guys that have been journeymen across the league for their career for a reason. They drafted Buddy Hield, who so far has boom or bust potential, because of his gunslinger style of play. He may be able to score 20 points, but it will come on 22 shots. Not so helpful to AD if that is the case.

Anthony Davis has been the definition of a mature professional since he entered the league in 2012. His famed “brow” has gotten him endorsement money, but overall he is in the NBA to play basketball, not to be in the media everyday spouting off. However, with all these “super teams” surrounding him, he is too good to stay quiet anymore. It is time to see Davis surrounded with actual talent, so that in 20 years we won’t be talking about what could have been of his career because he played his whole year with his sidekick being guys like Omer Asik, and Langston Galloway.

Written By: Drew Zlogar (Twitter: @Drew_Zlogar)