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NBA Trade Rumors: The Cleveland Cavaliers are reportedly open to the possibility of trading Tristan Thompson, if the right deal comes up

The Cleveland Cavaliers have lost seven of their last 10, and are in desperate need of a shake up. Their 29th ranked defense in the NBA at the moment doesn’t help any either.

Something is seriously wrong with the Cavs, and they have roughly two months to fix it before the start of the playoffs, which could potentially be LeBron’s last run with his hometown Cavs – he hits free agency in the summer.


Multiple NBA teams have cited Tristan Thompson as an asset Cleveland is willing to move in the right deal, such as one for the Los Angeles Clippers’ DeAndre Jordan.

Thompson is averaging a career worst five points and six rebounds per game. He’s also only playing 19 minutes per contest, the lowest of his career. In fairness, a lot of that could be attributed to the Cavs easing him back, after he missed nearly 20 games to injury this season.

Interestingly, the best stretch of the Cavs this season came with Thompson sidelined with said injury. It’s difficult to tie those two things together, but it is an interesting observation.

It’s difficult to foresee what Thompson would return on the open market, but DeAndre Jordan could be available and probably makes the most sense in a potential swap.

The problem with that is, the Clippers likely won’t be interested in a straight up swap. They’d probably ask for an additional first-round pick, and the Cavs likely won’t be willing to appease their request.

Cleveland is usually always active around the trade deadline, but it doesn’t appear that many big names will be available. And when trying to surround LeBron with the best talent, those are the types of players the Cavs usually target.

Nevertheless, keep an eye on the Cleveland Cavaliers are the trade deadline draws near. They almost have to make a move at this point.