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Whatever happened with Derrick Rose this past Monday is overwith. Rose is back with the Knicks and is expected to start tonight in Philadelphia. Whatever family issue was presented to Rose, we hope everything has worked out or will work out for everyone involved.

As the focus on Rose turns back to basketball, it looks like he will seek a full 5 year max contract this summer, worth more than $150 million. 

From ESPN: 

And then there is the potential price tag. Some close to Rose have told friends he will seek a max contract this summer. For Rose, that pact would be for five years and nearly $150 million.

The Knicks would need to use nearly all of their cap space to ink Rose to a max contract.

I can guarantee you the Knicks will not spend that much to keep Rose. Rose has been average this season, while showing some flashes of his oldself. The Knicks are said to be interested in keeping him, but obviously, on a much smaller deal.