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Raptors on Top After Trade Deadline?

The NBA trade deadline has finally passed, and many are scratching their heads on some of the trades that did and didn’t happen. The Sacramento Kings traded star center Demarcus Cousins for virtually nothing, and the Celtics couldn’t land Paul George or Jimmy Butler. That was a major loss for the Celtics, who are currently second in the Eastern conference. If they could have landed one of those two players that would have put them in serious contention to beat the Cleveland Cavilers during the playoffs. During the NBA All Star game the Kings and Pelicans agreed to a trade that would sent Demarcus Cousins and Omri Casspi to the Pelicans for Buddy Heild, Tyreke Evans, Langston Galloway, and a first and second round draft pick. In my opinion the Pelicans got a steal for Cousins. They gave up three subpar players for arguably the best center in the NBA. Yeah they got draft picks to go along with the players, but who could you draft that could come in and have an immediate impact for your team? Shifting back over to the Eastern conference the Toronto Raptors made some serious moves landing Serge Ibaka and PJ Tucker. Tucker, previously with the Suns, brings perimeter defense to the team that’s much needed. He’s known for guarding the opposing teams best scorer, and he’s pretty physical.

Serge is the rim protector that they desperately needed since the loss of Bismack Biyombo at the beginning of the season. Ibaka is a seasoned veteran who was a major contributor to the success of those old Oklahoma City Thunder teams.  His game has elevated since then though. His shooting range has improved to the point where he can knock down the three point shot if he’s left open. Those two add ons to the Raptors team with be key for a deep playoff run. It will also be key to get over that hump and finally make it to the NBA Finals. With DeMar DeRozan and Kylie Lowry leading this team, their potential is limitless. It will definitely be fun to see how these two pickups pan out throughout the rest of the season.
Written by: Evan Grant (@EvanGrantSports)