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Coco Fernandez was 19 years old when he realized what he wanted to do with his life, something trendy, something that won’t be an afterthought, something fun. 6 years later, Coco is a well known barber in Waltham, Massachusetts with multiple clients that play for the Boston Celtics. Avery Bradley, Marcus Smart, Terry Rozier, Jaylen Brown and Jae Crowder just to name a few.

For those asking themselves how in the world this is relevant, continue reading.

NBA fans on Reddit first discovered this stat and at first, it’s rather funny. But what if NBA players actually feel that a haircut makes them play better? What if NBA players know the stats before someone on Reddit finds it? Coco shared this text exchange between him and Marcus Smart.

*NOT PICTURED is Marcus Smart’s correction in text. “SEND” should have been “SAID”

Look good, feel good, play good, right? While Marcus Smart didn’t look up his stats before and after getting a haircut, it’s the mindset of simply feeling better about yourself and performing on the court.

I asked Coco if the players ever discuss that with him, if they have any superstitions….his answer was pretty great:

Yea definitely, TRo (Terry Rozier) makes it a point to be cut before every home game and every road trip. Jaylen Brown as well. Marcus Smart actually brought up the fact that his cut was going to make him “turn up”, he even pointed out the fact that he had been playing better prior to your tweet.” 

Coco took some time to answer some of questions that were sent to me via Twitter and it’s worth checking out.

When did you decide you wanted to be a barber and did you think you would be cutting hair for Celtics players? 

Coco: I decided to become a barber at 19 when I found out that I would be expecting my first son, fresh out of high school it was the only thing appealing enough and still liberal and trendy. I always strived to cut for the Celtics players since I grew up a basketball player and life time Celtics fan…honestly never expected to in my wildest dreams just being a regular kid from Waltham…it’s my dream come true. 

What’s the best discussion you’ve had when cutting players hair?

Coco: Best conversation I had with a player was about a month ago, Terry Rozier and I went to the mall and we had a talk about our lives and how they have taken such major turns, looking at what we are striving for and how we have such high expectations for our future, It really helped me gather my thoughts and focus on what I had to do next in my second phase of my new business venture, Terry and I are like brothers.

What player takes the longest to cut? 

Coco: Haha the last time I cut Marcus Smart’s hair it took me 3 hours because he couldn’t make up his mind but despite that, there are no short cuts to Jaylen Browns hair cut.
How did you land your first Celtic client?
I landed my first Celtics  client at the barber shop I worked at on Moody Street In Waltham. Former Celtic Jordan Crawford and Marshon Brooks came in and got cut and were impressed by my work so they took my phone number and had me come to cut them for the remainder of their stay in Boston, Marshon and I maintain contact to this day.
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