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It’s not how the Celtics started, its how they finished. The Boston Celtics have now won 14 straight games which includes taking down the World Champion Golden State Warriors.

After a lackluster 18-point first quarter, trailing by 10, the Celtics turned it up a few notches. Boston’s collective team defense and key plays by the young Celtic wings and Kyrie Irving put the clamps Curry and Co. holding GSW to a season-low 88 points (The lowest the Warriors have scored since acquiring Durant).

This was the biggest win thus far for Boston, but not for all the reason’s you’d expect. Of course it is always great to not only win at home but to take down the Champs. It is also great to rally and get the victory for teammates with a heavy heart.

After hearing the news about his best friend Trevin Steede passing away hours before the game, Jaylen Brown played the game of his life. Brown made crucial plays for the Celtics on both ends of the floor.

Jaylen scored a team high 22 points on 7/18 shooting which included back to back threes during the Celtics massive 19-0 run in the third quarter. The TD Garden was absolutely rockin’ every time Brown scored and made plays on defense.

It was truly amazing how inspired Brown played. The Garden crowd supported Jaylen, just like how they supported Isaiah Thomas after the passing of his sister. Although Jaylen had doubts he was even going to suit up and play, Brown received a phone call from his fallen friend Trevin Steede’s mother, which fueled him, “His mom called me and gave me a whole new inspiration. I kinda think that was the reason why I was able to come out and play and be controlled and poised.” Many of his teammates praised Brown for his toughness and also his performance. Rookie Jayson Tatum was “Extremely proud of him” and Veteran big man Al Horford praised his high character and his values “It was one of those things where I didn’t know if he was gonna play tonight, but it just speaks of his character. Some people deal with it different ways. Some people need to get away. He was able to put all that aside and play.”  

Brown is having a phenomenal season so far, averaging 9 points more than he did during his rookie campaign. He is a high character, highly talented young player in this league and will continue to improve game in and game out for the Celtics. It might be difficult to play through situations like Jaylen’s but it also helps that the whole city of Boston has your back.

Boston’s next game is in Atlanta, the home town of Jaylen Brown’s best friend Trevin. Expect Brown to have another memorable performance to honor his late friend.