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Nike has announced and released a brand new series of the “Nike Kobe AD” that is set to be in stores on August 24th, 2017, aka Mamba Day. The Nike Kobe AD ‘Mamba Mentality Pack’ is a mid-top performance shoe that will drop in five different colorways and designs, each representing the work-ethic, thought process, and desire of the “Mamba Mentality” that Bryant has displayed throughout his legendary 20-year career with the Lakers. 

Each color is associated with a specific word/meaning according to Nike and Bryant himself

  • Purple: Represents overcoming all challenges and setting new goals
  • Red: A symbol of Passion
  • Yellow: Positivity
  • Grey: Calm and neutrality
  • Blue: Shows reliability and trust


Bryant has always had unique inspiration to many of his shoe designs, concepts, and colorways. With the new Kobe AD dropping, here are some of the Mamba’s more interesting inspirations behind his kicks.


Bruce Lee – Bruce Lee has inspired Kobe for a few of his sneakers with the famous yellow and black jumpsuit and cuts from the 1973 film “Enter the Dragon”. Kobe like Bruce Lee will attack you from all angles and can expose weaknesses in any opponent. The colorway was brought out during the ‘09-‘10 season with the “Zoom Kobe V” and has even made its way to Kyrie Irving’s latest shoe, the “Kyrie III”

The Joker (Batman) – Many who have played against Kobe are not just fascinated by his skills and his work ethic. Many believe Kobe is the ultimate cerebral assassin and his mental game is off the charts. Kobe can cause chaos and havoc with his opponents not just physically but mentally wear them down as well. The Joker inspired Kobe’s are a unique mix of colors that match with Batman’s arch-nemesis, Kobe has used this colorway in the “Zoom Kobe IV” and the “Zoom Kobe V” as well.


The “Mambacurial”– Kobe’s roots are not just in Los Angeles, they are worldwide, and with Bryant growing up in Italy, his love and passion was not just basketball, it was soccer as well. Kobe’s love for football, the strategy, and the true art of the game is what inspired him to create the “Mambacurial” designed after Nike’s “Mercurial” soccer cleat. The “Mambacurial” design and colorway is found on the Kobe 8, 10, and 11.


Which Kobe inspiration sneaker is your favorite?



Written By Daniel Malakismail


Twitter : @Based_Dan

Instagram: @Based_Dan