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Cleveland Cavaliers star point guard Kyrie Irving would reportedly prefer to play for the Los Angeles Clippers next season.

While speaking with Alex Kennedy on the HoopsHype Podcast, veteran NBA reporter Peter Vecsey spoke about the wild NBA offseason. Irving does not have the leverage to make a trade demand and is not threatening to sit out of games if he is not moved to another team.

Vecsey said around the around one-hour-and-13-minute mark of the podcast that he has been told the Cavaliers point guard would like to play for the Los Angeles Clippers.

Reporters have previously mentioned the Clippers “made an effort” for Irving. Vescey, who recently returned to NBA reporting and mentioned this in his recent Patreon column as well, indicates that Los Angeles is his preference.

“He loves L.A. and he’s been working out there a lot this summer. Do they have the assets they get him? I don’t see how. But they also have Jerry West and he’s been able to figure out before … the Lakers didn’t have the assets to get Shaq and he wheeled and dealed and figured out and they got him … he was able to get Kobe for Divac in the draft.”

Vecsey was quick to add that Irving doesn’t leverage and that he does not envision a doable deal despite the point guard’s reported preference.

After trading Chris Paul to the Houston Rockets earlier this offseason, the Clippers seem to have a full lineup. Their backcourt includes Patrick Beverley as well as rookie European point guard Milos Teodosic.

Plus, newly acquired Lou Williams and Austin Rivers are sure to receive playing time as well. Teodosic and Danilo Gallinari, both signed as free agents this offseason, cannot be traded until December 15.

However, if Irving lands on the Clippers and LeBron James signs with the Lakers, the NBA rivalry in Los Angeles can immediately become historic.

(h/t Brian Kalbrosky of HoopsHype)