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Who Will Win MVP?

The Cleveland Cavs became the first team in NBA Finals History to come back from a 3-1 deficit last season. Basically, records are meant to be broken, and breaking records is exactly what both James Harden and Russell Westbrook are doing. Westbrook has been a walking triple-double this season, and leads the league in that category, and will likely end up averaging a triple-double for the season, the last time an NBA player averaged a triple-double for an entire season? 61-62 when Oscar Robertson achieved this accomplishment.  Westbrook has been impressive, but James Harden has taken his game to new heights, I’m talking, “Houston, we have lift off” heights. The tiebreaker for me is how each player’s team has performed thus far, and how well a player elevates those around. I’m giving the nod to James Harden thus far, the Rockets are balanced very well on the offensive end because of him, and have 8 different players averaging more than 7 PPG, while the Thunder have 4.  Russell Westbrook has been sensational, but James Harden has been the more valuable player.

Will the Cavs Start Playing Defense?

Lebron James can say the Cavs need this and they need that, but the real issue with the Cavs as of lately, has been their lack of defense.  The Cavs have a defensive rating of 105.5 which ranks them 15th, and leaves a lot to be desired on the defensive end from the defending champs.  For those of you wondering, a defense rating measures the team’s estimated points given up per 100 possessions, and their rating isn’t a good thing for the Cavs. Also, the Cavs give up 13.3 second chance points per game which also could be an area of concern for the Cavs. So let’s just say, if the Cavs defense doesn’t tighten up, they can forget about repeating.

Will Carmelo Anthony Get Traded?

It’s no longer the slogan, “Knicks Tape”, it’s now, “Knicks Need Tape”.  For starters, this critical article Rosen wrote for FanRag Sports earlier this month.  Days later, Phil Jackson and Carmelo Anthony had a meeting, and just last week there were reports that the Knicks had reached out to the Cleveland Cavaliers and LA Clippers. Hey, do you see that? There in bold print, there’s the writing on the wall, Phil Jackson wants Carmelo Anthony gone.  Both the Cavs and Clippers obviously declined the trade offers seeing that Melo is still with the Knicks, but he would lighten the offensive load for Lebron and Kyrie in Cleveland, and he would give the Clippers what they’ve been missing— a shot creator on the wing.  But, pulling off a trade for Melo will be difficult for either of these teams without a third team being involved, plus, Melo has a no trade clause which gives him power to veto any potential trade. So, the answer to the question is no.

By: Christina Merrion