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It’s hard not to be bias about the NBA, but what sport has a better All-Star weekend? The NFL, no. MLB? No. NHL? No. The actual NBA All-Star game might not have any defense until the last two minutes of the 4th quarter, but the fans get to see plenty of dunks and lots and lots of scoring.

The Skills Challenge, Dunk Contest and Three-Point contest are all exciting to watch and the fans really get into it…..so why not add one more event the fans would absolutely love to watch? Why not add one more event that would be played for a good cause (charity)? 

Many players, retired or current, travel to the host city to watch the festivities. Often ooing and awing courtside as players hammer down crazy dunks.  Why not get them involved? Who wouldn’t want to see Kobe, Duncan and KG team up to face LeBron, Wade and Melo? Can the old guys still show the younger players how it’s done? Think of the ratings for that game, think of how social media would be all over it. What about an elite big man team? Boogie, Anthony Davis and Karl-Anthony Towns? Or a team of elite high flyers? Aaron Gordon, Zach LaVine and Larry Nance Jr? How about the Plumlee brothers or a team of  Lillard, Wall and Kyrie ? The possibilities of teams are endless and fun to think of. 

My Idea for a 3 v 3 Tournament during All-Star Weekend:
1.) Any current or retired NBA player can participate.
2.) Teams would be created by the players, no voting, etc.
3.) Contest would be double elimination.
4.) Max players per team: 3.
5.) Each team could appoint one celebrity guest as their coach (optional).
6.) Games would be played to 21 (1’s & 2’s)
7.) Winning team would donate “X” (TBD) amount to the charity of their choice. How great would it be if each team announced before the tournament what charity they were playing for? The NBA could award the charitable prize as well.
8.) Games would be officiated by NBA refs (just like the All Star Game)

Many of you play “My Park” in NBA 2K which is one of the most popular features in all of video gaming. Think of this event being run the same way.

Of course, there are flaws to every idea, but this is just a basic one that I had in mind that I feel would be fantastic for the NBA and it’s fa
ns. Anytime we can bring fans, social media and charity all together, it makes for an entertaining event.