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The NBA will once again be returning to Mexico City, Mexico for regular-season games. There will be two games played there in the upcoming 2017-18 season, and both will feature the Brooklyn Nets. They will take on the Oklahoma City Thunder on Dec. 7, followed by the Miami Heat on Dec. 9. Via NBA.com:

The NBA and Zignia Live announced Wednesday that NBA Mexico City Games 2017 will feature the Brooklyn Nets playing regular-season games against the Oklahoma City Thunder on Thursday, Dec. 7, and the Miami Heat on Saturday, Dec. 9, at the Arena Ciudad de Mexico.

The games will mark the first time the NBA has hosted four regular-season contests in Mexico in the same calendar year.  Last January, the Phoenix Suns took on the Dallas Mavericks (Jan. 12) and the San Antonio Spurs (Jan. 14) in Mexico City.

The games will be played in honor of the 25th anniversary of the first time the NBA played a game in Mexico.

NBA Mexico City Games 2017 culminates the 25th anniversary celebration of the first NBA game in Mexico and marks the 25th and 26th games in Mexico since 1992, the most NBA games held in any country outside the United States and Canada.

While it might be a bit unfortunate for the basketball fans of Mexico City that the Nets will be playing in both games, it’s still cool to see the NBA bringing the Global Games to Mexico yet again, and continuing to grow the game outside of the United States.

Written by: Jack Maloney (CBS Sports).