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We spoke to Phoenix Suns PF Alan Williams discussing a variety of things regarding the Suns future, the step-up from college to the NBA, toughest NBA player he’s faced and more.

At 23 years old Williams, a 6’8″ forward from University of California is averaging 6.2 PPG, 6 REB and 1.2 BLKS per game this season.


Q: Alan, who would you say is the best shooter on the Suns roster?
AW: We have 4 or 5 really good shooters on this team, it would be very difficult to choose just one.
Q: How do your coaches and teammates motivate each other before every game?
AW: We are a family and that is our motivation. We go out there and compete for our teammates and the fans.
Q: Who's the toughest player you've come up against during your time in the league?
AW: Joel Embiid is a tough player to guard, he has alot to his game for a man of that size.
Q: Is this current Suns team ready to compete for a playoff spot in the tough Western Conference
AW: Yes, that is our goal. We want to make the playoffs this year.
Q: What player works the hardest in practice?
AW: On this team we have a culture, that's about working hard everyday so we all practice at a high level and intensity.
Q: Which basketball player did you look upto as a child?
AW: I was a huge fan of SHAQ, he was so dominate during his time in the league.
Q: Have you got any advice for young upcoming basketball players who want to pursue a career in the sport?
AW: My advice for young players is to work hard all the time and to remain humble always.
Q: All teams have it, what music is being played before the game in the locker rooms?
AW: Lately its been Drake, 21 Savage and Lil Uzi among many others.
Q: How intense is the NBA compared to College?
AW: The NBA is unlike any other basketball league in the world. It's filled with the best players on the planet competing at the highest level, so it's super intense! The main difference would be the speed and tempo of the game, the NBA is much faster because the talent is a step above.

You can follow Alan Williams on Twitter at @AlanTWilliams