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“Is it time to give up on the idea of Danny Ainge cashing in his assets for a superstar? “ is a question that has begun to circulate over the past few weeks in the Boston area. The second guessing of Danny Ainge’s patience will increase dramatically with tonight’s news of The New Orleans Pelicans trading rookie Buddy Hield, Tyreke Evans, Langston Galloway, and two first round picks for All Star Center Demarcus Cousins. The trade package New Orleans sent to Sacramento is considered by many to be a huge discount compared to what was originally thought to be required to pry the all star center away from the Kings. With the cheapened price tag on Cousins, it is incomprehensible to allow one’s self to believe that the Celtics with a plethora of draft picks and you players could not create an offer that could top the offer that the Kings accepted. Many within the Boston fan base, and Boston sports media are questioning Danny Ainge’s long term plan now, since it was longed believed that Danny stockpiled all these assets to one day be able to bring a superstar of Cousins’ stature to the Boston Celtics.

It’s hard to find positives on a night like this, but here’s one, Danny Ainge makes himself available weekly on the Toucher and Rich morning show, so there will not be too long of a wait for Celtics fans to get an explanation for why the Celtics weren’t even linked to Cousins over the past 8 hours. There has been rumors over the past few weeks, that Ainge really does not love the player, and that he feels pairing Cousins with Horford would not be beneficial in a small ball league. If that is the reasoning Ainge deserves some flack from the fanbase and media, as you do not turn down getting a superstar of Cousins caliber due to fear of how he would mesh with a team that is a superstar away from being a contender. One other reason for Ainge not pulling the trigger is the possibility that he has a blockbuster trade in the works for Thursday’s trade deadline, for a top tier player that he feels would be a better fit. The most likely reason, Ainge is set to be as patient as possible with this rebuild, and has no plans on cashing in that Brooklyn pick unless it’s for a player that he truly feels will put his team on the same level as Cleveland. Either way, the mix signals and confusion continue in Boston much like they did on draft night when they used the 3rd pick to select Jaylen Brown despite being rumored to be in talks with Chicago about Butler for much of that day. One day owner Wyc Grousbeck promises fireworks, and the next he asks for patience.

If the Celtics do decide to take the patient route, it’s easy to still trust Ainge to build though the draft with the amount of picks that he has acquired. But, it’s also fair to look at it from the aspect of being frustrated that the Celtics have yet to cash in on any of the assets they’ve received over the years and seem set on drafting player after player that they do not have roster space for, while also signing max contract free agents such as Al Horford. Whatever the path may be, it’d be nice to get some clarification to what it is, as the only thing the fans have received to this point is confusion and frustration from the front office. It may be time to begin to second guess Danny Ainge, and rethink the Trader Danny nick name


Written by: David Barr

Twitter: BlessAllPpl