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The Lakers are playing good basketball way ahead of schedule, surprising everyone with wins against both the Atlanta Hawks and Golden State Warriors.

The Lakers are currently 8th in the Western Conference with a 4–4 record, placing them ahead of the Memphis Grizzlies, and Dallas Mavs, two teams that made the playoffs last season. In the past week, they have beaten a good Hawks and Warriors team, and for now, there’s some energy and excitement around the Lakers that simply can’t be ignored.

The early success of the Lakers has to begin with Luke Walton. When Walton was hired this summer as the head coach, I was worried, honestly. Not that I didn’t think he would be a great coach, the Warriors went 39-4 under him, but more so that the Lakers roster was too young to expect any real success this year, but here we are.  The Lakers 4th win has come 7 games in which is 18 games earlier than last season, and they are at the .500 for the first time since 2013.  Luke Walton believes in the Lakers, and the Lakers believe in him, it ain’t hard to tell. *Nas voice*

Nick Young was challenged by Luke Walton to pick up the pace on the defensive end this season, and as a result, Nick Young went from a potential cut through training camp to the the team’s starting shooting guard.  D’Angelo Russell and Julius Randle look like completely different players, Jordan Clarkson is embracing his role off the bench, Larry Nance Jr. is using David West’s head as a springboard, Lou Williams is being Lou, and Brandon Ingram is raw talent.

It will likely take a few years for any of this to turn into something real, but for now, it’s fun tuning into The Lake Show with Luke Walton.

Written by: Christina Merrion