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The Minnesota Timberwolves trade offer for Kyrie Irving reportedly did not include Andrew Wiggins, which makes sense as news broke today that they have made an extension offer to Wiggins for a five year deal worth up to $148 million.

Cleveland is asking for Wiggins plus more in exchange for Kyrie; and with the Wolves latest extension offer to him, it is clear that Minnesota and Cleveland far off on the value of Irving and are not anywhere close to making a deal.

On the other hand, the Suns have been the team willing to give the most up in exchange for Kyrie thus far. The only complication in this scenario, is what Kyrie wants to do after his contract is up in 2019.

The Suns would like a long-term commitment from him since they are giving up young pieces for him. However, Kyrie Irving is not prepared to commit to any team beyond his likely free agency in 2019.

Irving is due $18.87 million in 17-18, $20.10 in 18-19 and $21.33 million in 19-20 (player option).

The Suns have said they would be willing to trade Eric Bledsoe for Irving even without a commitment, but the million dollar question reamains: is that enough for Cleveland?