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Rajon Rondo’s abysmal season with Chicago Bulls hit a new low on Friday.

Bulls coach Fred Hoiberg decided not to play Rondo at all in the second half of their 111-101 loss to the Pacers and now, after 2 more games of Rondo on the bench, it appears he is completely out of the rotation.   What may be the most crazy part of the situation is that Hoiberg would rather play Jerian Grant and Michael Carter-Williams over him…

Two months into the season, Rondo is averaging 7.5 points, 7.3 assists and 6.7 rebounds, and he is shooting a career-low 37.2 percent. As expected, opposing teams are consistently daring him to shoot from beyond the arc and his inability to make them pay is hurting Chicago’s spacing. Rondo recently met with the Bulls front office looking for answers to his sudden lack of playing time and was not pleased with the outcome.   Rondo told reporters, “It went ok…it really wasn’t a clear cut message. We’ll talk again.”  Yikes.

Rondo has seen his 30 minutes a game go straight to 0.  He has not played for the last 2.5 games and counting in what have been the only healthy scratches of Rondo’s career.  Teammates have come out supporting Rondo’s play and Dwayne Wade had this to say about the benching:

“He’s a good player in this league and has had some big games for us. The decision that was made obviously came from up top and the head coach. It’s just a tough position to be in, a tough situation. It can be uncomfortable at times, especially when your teammates don’t know what’s going on and it’s not their job to know what’s going on. I think he has handled it great. That’s all you can ask for from a player, that they’re professional about whatever situation comes their way. He’s been very professional about it up to this point. But it still sucks. It’s unfortunate”.

Rondo has not publicly supported the idea of coming off the bench but that may be what is best for him.  Think about it, he could control the second unit and facilitate shooters like McDermott and Mirotic and then let Jimmy Butler and Dwayne Wade run the show for the starters.  Hoiberg can still make this lineup work and salvage the season but the decision by the Bulls to give Rajon Rondo 17 million dollars this offseason is not looking great.


Written By: Christopher McGean