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This discussion has constantly been a debate among NBA fans, as well as NBA players for the past few years. Who is the best point guard/shooting guard combination in the NBA? Is it the classic answer of Golden State’s “Splash Brothers” or is it maybe the young duo in Portland headed by Damien Lillard? Could it be the disgruntled tandem of Wall and Beal in Washington who have proclaimed themselves as the leagues best back court? It could be a dark horse backcourt that no one talks about enough such as Boston’s or Toronto’s? The best way to look at this discussion is simply to look at the stats and nothing else. It would be unfair to look at the records of their team because two players can only do so much. It is hard to factor in the defensive abilities of players as well as other variables so this analysis will stick strictly to stats. Lets take a look at the numbers. Stats via ESPN, are current as of February 17th, 2017.


Statistic:                       PPG    RPG    APG    SPG    BPG    TO


Steph Curry:                24.7     4.3       6.4       1.7       0.2       2.9

Klay Thompson:         22.1     3.8       2.0       0.8       0.5       1.8

Warriors Total:            46.8     8.1       8.5       2.5       0.7       4.7


Statistic:                       PPG    RPG    APG    SPG    BPG    TO


Damien Lillard:           25.7     4.9       5.8       0.7       0.3       2.6

CJ McCollum:             23.4     3.7       3.6       1.0       0.6       2.3

Blazers Total:              49.1     8.6       9.4       1.7       0.9       4.9


Statistic:                       PPG    RPG    APG    SPG    BPG    TO


John Wall:                   22.8     4.4       10.6     2.1       0.6       4.2

Bradley Beal:               22.2     2.9       3.7       1.0       0.2       2.0

Wizards Total:             45.0     7.3       14.3     3.1       0.8       6.2


Statistic:                       PPG    RPG    APG    SPG    BPG    TO


Isaiah Thomas:            29.9     2.7       6.3       0.8       0.1       2.6

Avery Bradley:            17.7     6.9       2.4       1.3       0.2       1.8

Celtics Total:               47.6     9.6       8.7       2.1       0.3       4.4



Statistic:                       PPG    RPG    APG    SPG    BPG    TO


Kyle Lowry:                22.8     4.7       6.9       1.4       0.3       2.8

DeMar DeRozan:        27.3     5.3       3.7       1.1       0.2       2.3

Raptors Total:              50.1     10.0     10.6     2.5       0.5       5.1


Statistic:                       PPG    RPG    APG    SPG    BPG    TO


Russell Westbrook:     31.1     10.5     10.1     1.6       0.4       5.5

Victor Oladipo:           16.1     4.4       2.5       1.2       0.3       1.6

Thunder Total:             47.2     14.9     12.6     2.8       0.7       7.1



Looking at these statistics, it is hard for me to say who is the best backcourt in the NBA. Westbrook by himself averages more rebounds than these other five backcourts combined. Golden State and Toronto are the only two teams in the NBA to have both backcourt starters named to the all star team as well. I think that the two budding stars in Portland would have something to say about this conversation as well because they are two of the most dynamic offensive guards in the NBA. Avery Bradley is a rising star who could possibly win Most Improved Player this year. Steph and Klay are a force to be reckoned with but of course are giving up a lot of stats having Kevin Durant the team. John Wall and Bradley Beal are also each having the best years of the career.

This is a seriously loaded question for NBA fans, and I’m really not sure if there a clear answer! So what do you think? I’ll leave it up to you to decide who is currently the best backcourt combination in the NBA.


Written by: Chandler Hutchison, @ChanHutch10