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Many never thought the 5’9”, 185 pound Tacoma legend and University of Washington star Isaiah Thomas would reach such stardom. Overlooked is an understatement when discussing him especially when examining all the “qualifications” NBA teams are looking for, height being the main focal point. Thomas watched 59 players be drafted before him, and since being picked LAST by the Sacramento Kings in the 2011 draft, he’s been one of the toughest guards to defend.

Traded from Sacramento to Phoenix, and then to Boston he’s become a phenomenal basketball player, putting up numbers no NBA analyst, owner or GM would ever expect from player with his size, has many NBA teams questioning passing on Thomas. This season Isaiah is taking the league by storm averaging 27.8 PPG, 6.4 APG, 2.5 RPG, while shooting 45% from the field and 90% from free throw line.

Watching, Isaiah Thomas play, the great Allen Iverson comes to mind for many reasons, their size, heart, determination and passion he plays with in each game to name a few. From making difficult shots, his ability to get his teammates the ball, to his speed and agility makes Thomas practically un-guardable no matter the game plan teams set forth defensively.On December 30, 2016, the City of Boston was blown away by the performance Thomas put on for the win against the Miami Heat. He had a spectacular night with 52 points, 15 for 26 shooting 57% from the field, 9 for 13 from the three-point line and a perfect 13 for 13 from free throw line. “You just get in a zone and you feel like you’re in the gym by yourself, shooting shots you practice my teammates put me in position, Brad trusted me in the fourth quarter.” said Thomas.

This game made him the fourth highest scorer by a Boston Celtic in the franchise history and he pinned the highest scoring quarter with 29 points. Receiving MVP chants from the crowd throughout TD Gardens brought nothing but smiles for the all-star. “A blessing from God, you dream about things like this especially playing for the Celtics. All the great players that did it before me, it’s a blessing I can’t say enough about my teammates and my coach to put me in position to do the things I do.” said Thomas.

Isaiah Thomas entered the 2017, 10 for 18 shooting 55% from the field, 5 for 8 from the three-point line and 4 for 4 from free throw line, scoring 29 points, 15 assists and 4 rebounds in the Celtics 115-104 win against the Utah Jazz.

It’s safe to say that Isaiah Thomas has solidified himself as a superior guard in the Eastern Conference since joining the Celtics. He should be noted as a supreme guard this season considering he has the highest Player Efficiency Rating for the East at 27.23, placing him just below Russell Westbrook for the best in the NBA.

Furthermore, Isaiah Thomas is well on his way to being a pinnacle reason the Celtics make a profound playoff run.

Written by: Rayjaun Stelly