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Drew Zlogar (@Drew_Zlogar)

The Cleveland Cavaliers played last night against the Memphis Grizzlies on the road just one night after playing them at home where they won by almost 20 points. This match up has the media’s full attention tonight for the wrong reason. Instead of looking forward to how the 5th seed in the West bounces back tonight against the Cavs, the talk is about who isn’t suiting up for Cleveland. It’s the fact that Kyrie Irving, Kevin Love, and LeBron James all rested and not traveling with the team, all a coach Tyronn Lue decision. It is a conversation that has been brought up in the past: Whether teams should allow players to take a game off for rest? And I am here to say, why the heck not?

I can’t be alone here, people. It is a pretty simple question in reality. Would you rather have your best player(s) still shining come April? Or have that same player be called a workhorse, a grinder for suiting up night in and out, but in game 55, in late January your team’s playoff hope tears his hamstring in a back-to-back game against the Dallas Mavericks. A game that will mean nothing in the long run? Case Closed. Yes, you can come at me and say, “Well people spent good money to come see that star player play, and now he’s sitting on the bench for rest? That’s Bull.” Well, I hate to break it to you, but this is a business, and these teams are looking out for the best for their players, so that they can perform for the fans when the season means the most (April, May, and June). For the Cleveland fans that come tonight to Memphis to see LeBron and the gang play, I feel for you. But I don’t think you would feel down come playoff time and the Cleveland “Big Three” has a repeat from last season, right? Right.

It is all about winning championships for these 30 teams in the NBA at the end of the day. Us fans will get over having to sit through a game where JR Smith shoots 17 times, and Deandre Liggins playing 30+ minutes. We will get over that, if the team keeps winning. The recipe for that though, is having your team’s best players feeling the best when they need it most. Cavs fans in Memphis: Let’s be honest, JR Smith puts on a show every game he plays. Tonight being one of the main options will be even more entertaining to watch, good or bad. You will all be just fine.