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Who should be the number two pick in the draft? This is a glaring question for the newly appointed front office of the Los Angeles Lakers, but to everyone else, this is an easy answer. That answer for most is Lonzo Ball, but is he really the best fit for that team? In my opinion, De’Aaron Fox is the right choice to be the savior of the Lakers.

 Recently, I wrote a post-lottery mock draft for the top 14 teams and I had the Lakers picking Lonzo Ball at two; this was who I presumed they were picking, not who I thought they should pick. I’m not the only one with wandering eyes, the Lakers are looking to schedule a head-to-head workout with Lonzo and De’Aaron Fox, but we all know this is a workout Lonzo would never agree to. Heck, Lonzo won’t take a work out for teams not named the Lakers, so why would he subject himself to getting exposed by Fox once again? At the moment, Ball is the better NBA player, but if Fox can correct his poor jumper he has a chance to easily be the best player in this draft. The main difference between these two is Fox actually gives a damn, he cares, we all remember the Elite 8 post-game interview of him pouring his heart out after his team was eliminated. What did Lonzo do? Oh yeah, he declared for the draft not even 20 minutes after the final buzzer sounded in their Sweet 16 loss to Kentucky, Fox had 39 that game.

 Whether the Lakers pick Ball or Fox, the next move is what to do with the 2015 2nd overall pick, D’Angelo Russell. If the Lakers decide to select Lonzo Ball, this backcourt is going to be one of the worst defensive backcourts in the league, combine that with zero rim protection and the Lakers are in trouble. The more logical choice would be to move Russell, whether it be for picks in this draft or for next years draft, but if they select Lonzo, Russell is the odd man out in LA. If the Lakers decided to select De’Aaron Fox, there is no need to move Russell at all, Fox has all of the tools defensively to make up Russell’s lack of athleticism.

 Lonzo Ball most likely will end up being a Laker, but this is a debate people, De’Aaron Fox can hoop and he deserves to be looked at in that two slot. If in a situation where the Lakers do decide to select Fox, the perfect landing spot for Lonzo would be in Philadelphia. Lonzo’s ability to stretch the floor would be the missing piece to the puzzle in Philadelphia, while Fox is in LA picking teams apart in the Pick-and-roll.  


Written by: Tyler Vernor